Patient Links and Resources

Resources for Patients: 

- Wet sock blog post: *coming soon, see blog posts

- Onion poultice blog post:  *coming soon, see
blog posts


Consciousness / Mindfulness / Mindset Medicine

- (I call it the Netflix for enlightenment and learning)

- Transcendental meditation


Youtube Videos:

Conscious Alternate Nostril Deep breathing technique for calm:

Lymphatic Drainage for congestion and sinus
pressure relief: 

528 htz healing sleep music:

Heel drops for reflux:


Good Books for Self Development:

- 7 spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra

- Metahuman - Deepak Chopra

- Food as Medicine - Scott C

- The Polyvagal Theory - Stephen Porges

- Wherever you go, There you are – John Kabat Zinn (meditation for beginners)

- You are a Badass - Jen Sencero

  • Good Books for Health Deep Dive:

    - Preconception - Dr. Jodie Peacock

    - The Hormone Diet - Dr. Natasha Turner

    - Building a Healthier Child - Dr. Melina Roberts


  • Pregnancy Books and Resources: *more to come

    - Nurture - Erika Doutre

    - Expecting Better - Emily 

    - The First 40 Days

    - Preconception - Dr. Jodie Peacock

Podcasts/Cool people to check out

Cool people to check out:

- Wim hof, @wimhofmethod

- Rhonda Patrick, PhD - @foundmyfitness 

- Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD, @draonline (anything
immune, post covid/viral related – check his patient friendly youtube

- Brene Brown @brenebrown

- Gabor Mate, MD -, @gabormatemd

- Dr. Barb Woegerer, ND - @drbarbwoegerer (all things magnesium!)

- Confident Clinician Club - Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND,

- Dr. Aviva Romm - @dr.avivaromm

Podcasts: *more to come

- Rhonda Patrick @foundmyfitness

- Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND @womenshealthunplugged 



  • Nike app (free workouts!)
  • Calm app (free meditations!)
  • Insight timer (great for body
    scans/guided meditations/ bells/sounds)
  • Water reminder drinking app
  • 7 minute workout app
  • good brain teaser apps: luminosity, crosswords, etc.

Period Tracker Apps:

- Clue

- Kindara